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As we continue to work hard on all progress in developing a nice and safe future for the server network, we have successfully finished the Skyblock server with minimal to no flukes to our knowledge. As we progress we are also working on a UHC server for our fellow players to all play on. To go into a little detail on this project, we plan to host this on NukkitX as there are more mechanisms to use than on PocketMine. We will have the UHC be "as close to normal" like the Java UHC. Some things that may not be the same include but is not limited to mobs, play style, and modes. I plan to not only have Solos and Duos, but also Squads. This will introduce 4 player teams which I think will be a little more interesting. Being able to have 4 teammates will make the game a little more intriguing because you can split different jobs with the 4 players and cover more ground and projects leading towards a better match. I believe that as we work closer to releasing the Nukkit server that once it is perfected, it will become a huge hit with everyone. Anyways, that is it for today! Make sure to come back every Monday for more news!

- The TenaciousCraft Team